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Drum can drum locking ring lid

Drum can components, including lid and bottom, which used for paints. Suitable for 10L and 18-20L drum can.

Product Details:

Drum can components: drum locking ring lid (open head drum with lever ring) and ends

  • Material: Electronic Tinplate (ETP)
  • Can be used for tinplate paint cans of 10L/10L-20L can volume
  • Lacquers(coating) : clear / gold / white / buff / plain / customized color
  • Main sizes: 222mm,233mm. Center hole (spout) can be customized.

Specification of Drum can components

Application of Drum can components

  • Forchemical,ink,High-concentration standard varnish paint,Coatings,paints,grease,glues,latex paints,solvents,antifreeze solution

Packaging of Drum can components

Each lids are packed into paper bags,paper bags will be putted in cartons,then will be stacked on the wooden pallet appropriately,last will use transparent foi(plastic film) to protect and fix them on the 20’ or 40’ container. Each piece of metal lids will arrive at your warehouse in good condition.

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