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Aiming on metal can solutions, reducing customers’ production cost and improving product level, RIC Package provide can component for food cans, industrial cans and other metal cans. RIC Package wishes to solve all demands in the metal package industry from global market.

Customer First is the value of RIC Package. Since the first minute contacting RIC team, inquiry our products, order processing and quality control, our people always treat your concern as the most urgent requirement; And RIC Package can make 100% guarantee for all product quality, compensate you once quality defect.

Easy Open Ends(EOE), Food Can Bottoms and Peel Off Ends(POE) is our main products for food package, size from 200 to 603, coating including gold lacquer, clear lacquer, aluminum paste, white coating and BPA Free, widely used for Fish Cans, Tomato Paste Cans, Fruit Cans, and other dry food cans.

Industrial Can Components from RIC Package includes Paint Can Ring Lid Bottoms, Drum & Pail top and bottoms, Brake Fluid Can components and others. Full size and coating available, with long years’ experience in domestic market, our product could satisfy your requirement by a top level.

RIC Package also provide a better solution in customization, using your design and samples, our engineer team could prepare a 100% same mold and products, which the mold cost could be free. Besides the dimension design, RIC Package can meet your customization in standard, coating brand and other requirements.

By quite short production time and sea transportation time, all prime quality can components will arrive at your warehouse, saving your time, financial stress and production scrap waste in tinplate booking, cutting, printing & coating and stamping; Using all prime quality tinplate from China, by full automatic machine line, each lot product quality can be uniformed, our job can help you focus on brand establishing and market developing, by asset-light firms.

Strict quality control, high speed and high tech automatic machine line, prime quality tinplate and automatic inspection machine matching, assure quality level. Stable and strong packing is valued most by our team: each piece of product will be in fine condition at your warehouse.

RIC Package team has experienced exporting job, can meet your needs timely, provide customized solutions for each customer.

 “Responsibility, Integrity, Creativity “ is our name and spirit that drives us, RIC Package devote ourselves to better service in metal package industry, providing more economical solutions from China.


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RIC Package team has experienced exporting job, can meet your needs timely, provide customized solutions for each customer.


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