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Design and innovation technologies of transparent film with high temperature resistance on POE

The traditional canned food can lids could be opened with a can opener, and the pull ring is easy to fall off when open it. Sometimes is unsafe because it is easy to scratch the fingers when taking food. At the same time, the metal lids can not see the latest situation of the internal food.

With the increasing demand for canned food and in order to optimize the previous metal lids existing problems,peel off ends with transparent film has been developed which is visible of inside food directly and easier and safe to open.








Technology and design of transparent film with high temperature resistance

  1. Adopts the self-developed transparent and sealing film technology.
  2. Optimize the cooking resistant formula and processing technology.
  3. The R crimping structure is designed to improve the strength of the metal ring. A ring of bulge is added on the metal ring, which greatly improves the strength of the tin lid.
  4. Through the application of the piercing die for the peel off lids,the transparent and cooking resistant temperature is 121 ℃ for 30 minutes.

If you request that cooking time needs to be longer,we also can meet your requirements to achieve.











Composition of transparent composite film with high temperature resistance

The substrate structure adopts the printing layer, barrier layer and heat sealing layer which are connected in turn, and the adhesive is set between the two layers. The film layers are closely bonded by dry composite or solvent-free composite, and then cured.

  1. The printing layer is generally Polyethylene terephthalate coated film(PET), it has high strength, good rigidity, transparency, high gloss characteristics.
  2. The barrier layer is transparent polyester film, which adopts global new technology to obtain excellent barrier performance, making the water vapor transmission ≤ 0g/(m2 • 24h) and oxygen transmission ≤ 0.5 cm3/(m2 • 24h • 0.1MPa. The thickness of both polyester film layers is 10-50um.
  3. The heat sealing layer is composed of modified polyethylene film (PE) or cast polypropylene film (CPP), which has good transparency and temperature resistance. It is heat sealed with the coating of metal cover ring to play a heat sealing role.











Application and advantages about transparent film POE

Usage: Can be applied to the packaging of food cans such as aquatic products, meat, fruits and vegetables, porridge, etc.


  1. Convenient and safe to open.
  2. The excellent barrier performance is conducive to the long-term quality assurance of inside foods.
  3. Good transparency: easy for consumers to see appearance and quality of the foods, and enhance product trust.

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