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Why Canned Food is good for you and planet

We all know that fruit and vegetables are key to a healthy diet and cans are the perfect way to store nutrients and have them available for a long time.

Why canned food is good for you?

First: canned fruits and vegetables are harvested at their peak of ripeness, when nutrient levels are at their highest and are canned in as little as four hours. Cans act as an extension of nature, ensuring harvests are naturally preserved, longer than any other packaging, thus reducing food waste. Compared to the fresh variety, canned tomatoes contain more B vitamins, as well as lycopene, an antioxidant that can reduce the risk of some cancers.
Second: canned food is an accessible and affordable solution to the nation’s need for safe, nutritious and quality produce and protein. Adults and kids who eat canned fruits and vegetables get more dietary fiber.

Where to buy canned food?

 Vegetables, soups, fruits, pet food and meats are all often sold in metal cans. Canning foods helps prolong their shelf life and can help people afford to make healthy dietary choices. If you stroll down the aisles at a supermarket, big-box store or hardware store, you’ll see metal cans everywhere. Canned food portion sizes are just right for both individuals and families, and most recipes are designed around these sizes to curbs food waste. The following are the dimensions of the easy open ends and bottom ends for reference.
Easy open ends:200/202/211/214/300/307/401/603
Bottom ends:200/202/209/211/214/300/305/307/315/401/502/603

Why canned food is good for planet?
Durability: Some packaging materials break down over time. Paper, for example, will wear thin and is easily damaged by moisture. Plastics break down and become sticky as time goes on. Aluminum and steel are both considerably more durable than paper and plastic. Metal is made to last and to be used again and again. Coating the metal with a lining further enhances its durability.
Eco-consciousness: Many consumers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and to live more sustainable, eco-friendly lives. Since metal is widely known to be easy to recycle and known to have fewer risks to people and planet than plastic, using it to package your products can help you connect with consumers who want to go green.

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