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Some suggestions for the use of easy open ends

1. How to choose an easy open end

According to the chuck diameter, choose the appropriate size of EOE; according to the characteristics of the contents of the can, choose the appropriate inner coating and thickness to ensure corrosion resistance or special requirements.

Common used coating:

Tomato paste: Inside gold/white lacquer

Fish/meat: Inside aluminum paste

Vegetables/Fruits: Inside gold lacquer

Dry food: Inside gold/clear lacquer

2. What should be paid attention to when sealing the easy open ends

The sealing chuck should be matched with the easy open ends. When using EOE from different manufacturers, the sealing chuck should be replaced. Avoid using a knife edge sealing chuck to prevent damage to the outer coating of the lid. Pay attention to the difference in thickness and hardness of the can body and can lid material, and adjust the position and shape of the sealing roller in time.

3. Storage requirements for easy open ends

Easy open ends should be stored in a dry warehouse at room temperature, with a clean warehouse environment and no harmful gas pollution. Generally, it can be stored for 2-3 years.

4. How to open the easy open ends

Lift the ring and bend it back; pull up and peel back.

This opening instruction can also be printed on the surface of EOE.

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