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Do you know the process and advantages of canned food?

Canned food has many preservatives, Canned food is not nutritious.” Do you have the same misconceptions about food cans? Don’t underestimate these canned food, after simple cooking it can also become an indispensable table delicious.

Canned food doesn’t need preservatives at all

The long shelf life of cans is not because of preservatives but because of the strict production process. According to the Canned Food Alliance, the average crunch will maintain good flavor for at least two years after processing, and the taste of the food tin cans will last for more than two years.

The high temperature destroys the microorganisms and inactivated enzymes in the can, and the vacuum seal after the heating stops the outside microorganisms from coming into contact with the food in the can, so it do not need preservatives to prevent  food  from spoiling and rotting.

This is why the canned food we eat  today can be preserved  for a long time without preservatives.

The canning process consists of seven main aspects

The main process of canning process is: raw material selection → pretreatment → canning → exhaust, sealing → sterilization, cooling → thermal insulation inspection → packaging.

  1. Selection of raw materials: raw materials of fruits and vegetables should have good nutritional value, sensory quality and high freshness. For canned food processing, different kinds of raw materials should have their good canning adaptability.
  2. Pretreatment: pretreatment process of fruit and vegetable raw materials before canning includes sorting, washing, peeling, dressing, hot stamping and rinsing, etc.
  3. Canning methods are divided into two methods: handcanning and mechanical canning. Hand canning is used for meat and poultry, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables and other bulk materials.
  4. Exhaust: exhaust helps to prevent the growth and propagation of aerobic bacteria and yeast, and is conducive to the preservation of food color, aroma, taste and nutrients.
  5. Sealing: Different containers should be sealed in different ways.
  6. Sterilization: There are many ways to sterilize cans, such as heating sterilization, flame sterilization, radiation sterilization and high pressure sterilization, etc., the most widely used is heating sterilization.
  7. Cooling: When pasteurizing small cans, they can be cooled directly under atmospheric pressure.
  8. After the above is done, it is canned.

Advantages about Canned Food

Fresh: fresher than the vegetables in the refrigerator and have a longer storage time.

Nutrition: can store vitamins A,D,E,K,and many minerals.

Safety: high temperature sterilization,vacuum preservation,no preservatives.

Convenience: no auxiliary tools required,more easy to open.

Economic: Price is very competitive, meeting your purchase budget cost and product quality requirements at the same time.


What makes a good can?

Good canned food cannot be made without good canning packaging.

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