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Learn why tin cans become more important in food packaging

As we all know, the food industry has stricter requirements for packaging, not only in quality, but also in safety. Nowadays, many food packages in the market use metal cans. Metal tin cans are widely used in the food packaging industry. Then, what are the benefits of choosing tin cans for canned food packaging?

Development of metal cans

Due to the limitations of early tin can manufacturing process and cost,tin cans have not been popularized rapidly after their birth. It was not until the American Civil War that metal cans were widely used for the needs of the army and people to store food for war. Until now, tins can packaging have been recognized to be better choice in canned food packaging and widely used in daily life. Its emergence provides a reliable package for food packaging, increases the shelf life of food.

Tin can components provided by metal packaging suppliers

RIC PACKAGE provides full economical solutions of food tin can components as your preference; we devote ourselves to better service for our customers in metal package industry from China.

Food tin can components of 3-piece can or 2-piece can are our main business.

Easy open ends,food can bottoms and peel off ends meet the long-term needs of our customers and bring low-cost and high-quality tin lids. Our lids are full sizes range from 50mm to 153mm with different coating; 65mm/70mm/73mm/83mm/99mm are best selling.

Usage of food can lids can be divided into two types:
One is for dry food(powdered food) including nuts,coffee,dried fruit,grains etc.
Another is for processed food(retortable) like tomato paste,tuna,luncheon meta,soups,canned milk etc.

Advantages of tin cans application in food packaging

1.Excellent barrier property
Food tin cans can block not only gas, but also ultraviolet light. Therefore, they will not cause the deliquescence, deterioration, fading and taste change of the inside contents.

2.Good thermal conductivity and ductility

The heating and cooling efficiency of metal cans is better with high temperature sterilization. Due to the good ductility of the raw material tinplate, high-precision and high-speed production can be achieved for the processing of complex formed tin lids.

3.Easy to transport (light weight)

Weight is an essential consideration when faced long-distance transportation. Tin lids are a good substitute to help reduce transportation costs.

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