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Learn more about Tinplate

Learn more about Tinplate

Tinplate is one of the eco-friendly packaging materials that are available. It’s high barrier properties and corrosion resistance make it an excellent choice for food packaging, which can be made into different shapes and styles according to customer needs.

Production of Steel Sheets

Hot Rolling→Pickling→Cold Reduction→Cleaning→Annealing→Temper Rolling


Tinplate Sheet Range

Tinplate ranges from 0.14 mm to 0.50 mm in thickness. The steel sheets make up most of the thickness, as the tin coating is measured in microns (I micron = 0.001 mm).  There are thousands of combinations of steel and tin possible, so customers should inform producers of the uses of the tinplate so that they get the right quality.


There are various other factors like temper, finish, and grade of tinplate which also determine their suitability for different applications.


Tinplate Tempers: Tinplate can be of different tempers, which depend on the quality of steel as well as the different production steps such as hot rolling, annealing, and temper rolling. The quality of steel and tin are in turn regulated by various national and international standards such as ASTM or ISO.

Finishes: Tinplate come in different finishes such as bright, light-stone, stone, matt and silver.

Grades: There are two grades of tinplate. Standard grade tinplate has optimum properties and can be lacquered and printed. While second grade tinplate are rejects of the standard grade tinplate.


Since production of steel and tin occurs independently, different kinds of steel and different coatings of tin can be applied, thereby producing thousands of tinplate. The range of this material which is more than that of any other metal, combined with high recycling rates of over 90% makes it a versatile and sustainable material for packaging.


Tinplate packaging

  1. Food can
  2. Beverage can
  3. Paint can
  4. Aerosol can
  5. Other cans



According to market feedback, the recent export orders are relatively good, and foreign demand of tinplate is still large. At present, it is the harvest season of agricultural products, fruits, etc., the demand for food cans has been released to a certain quantities, and the export of canned fruit has performed well in the first half of the year. As the epidemic improves and the mobility of summer vacation tourists increases, the beverage industry may also see a turnaround in August-October. (www.mysteel.com)


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