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Three things you should know about Brake Fluid Can Components

Three things you should know about Brake Fluid Can Components

Flat top tin containers with sturdy screw necks are used for a range of products in our daily lives, including candles, cosmetics, sweets, and mints. Meanwhile, cone top can is another common screw top can. The brake fluid can components produced by our company can be used to make metal cone top cans.

1. What are brake fluid can components?

Brake fluid can components have four parts, including screw caps, cone tops, plastic seals and bottoms. The raw material is Electronic Tinplate. Different coating can be used for different contents to achieve better protection. The cone tops have many sizes, 65mm and 84mm are most used in the market.

2. Benefits of using brake fluid can components

Brake fluid can components act as a highly effective barrier to air, light, and odors, thereby preserving product quality, reducing the possibility of contamination, and ensuring the required shelf life. They can be re-sealed tightly once opened to keep their contents safe. Cone tops minimize waste by enabling more efficient drainage of the contents from the container.

3. Application of brake fluid can components

Cone top cans made with our  brake fluid can components, can be used to package not only brake fluid, but also for chemicals, ink, High-concentration standard varnish paint, coatings, grease, glues, paints, solvents, antifreeze solution, and so on.

As a result, our company RIC Package offers a complete line of brake fluid can components to assist you in improving quality and lowering costs. Meanwhile, our company provides customization services for new molds, printing, and packaging, and can assist you in resolving any business issues.

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