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Month: August 2021

Development history of metal can manufacturing for food packaging

Since the rise of the first metal packaging, the food packaging industry has undergone numerous advancements. Industrialization was a major driver in the early decision to use metals as materials for the large-scale commercialization of food. Since the modern transition, there have been many key defining moments in history that have driven the current state …

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Peel off ends

Peel off ends with aluminum foil is usually used for milk powder can, and also suitable for other dry food can, like nuts can, biscuits can, candy can, other powder can, etc.

Peel off ends with transparent film, its advantage is that the food inside is visible. In addition to being suitable for dry food can, it can also be used for food cans that require high-temperature cooking, such as fish can, meat can, etc.

Tin can bottom ends

Bottom ends is used for both tin can lid and tin can bottoms; By different coating inside, our can bottom ends could be used for different content, including meat can, tomato paste can, fish can, fruit can, vegetable can, tuna can and dry food can.

Easy Open Ends

Easy Open Ends(EOE) , is welcomed by most customers for food packing tin can lids, the convenient open method, 
liquid leak proof function, and long term storage is the advantage. EOE is suitable for sterilization and high temperature cooking, 
used for packaging canned foods such as fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, etc. 

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